Rent to home ownership program in Charlotte, North Carolina

Are you looking for a Lease with a Right to Purchase? Are you looking for Transparency, Choices, Value, Control and Flexibility?

  • Transparency: Upon entering this program, you are given the monthly lease and purchase price information each year for up to ve years*, so you can plan for the future.
  • Choices: Home Partners provides access to the MLS listings in the communities they serve, expanding your selection to all qualifying homes for sale.
  • Value: Home Partners uses our skill to purchase the home you want, providing you with an affordable lease and a pre-set purchase price each year for up to ve years*. Also, there are no hidden fees or non-refundable deposits.

Control and exibility: You have the right to purchase the home at any time during your residency, at the pre-set price. If the home value appreciates above this price each year and you choose to purchase it, you realize a nancial bene t. If the value of the home declines, you can choose not to renew your lease and walk away without penalty.

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